Privacy Policy

TenMax respects your personal privacy. In this document, we explain our privacy policy. It includes:

  • Cookie
  • Information we collect
  • Cookie Opt-out



TenMax uses the domain to store audiences’ cookies. In the cookie store, we use so-called Audience Identifiers to keep track of audiences’ behavior. For example, we keep track of the web page audiences visit, the product they purchase, or how long they stay on a page. TenMax uses this information to analyze audiences’ behavior and help us to improve the ad performance.

The Audience Identifiers are anonymous identifiers. We DO NOT associate identifiers to any private information, such as email, mobile phone number, or address. That is, we cannot know a real person by means of this identity.


Information We Collect

The information we collect includes:

  • Audience identifier
  • URL visited
  • Audiences’ IP address
  • Time information
  • OS type
  • Browser type
  • Device information for mobile devices. (brand, model)
  • Location information, including longitude latitude from GPS.


Cookie Opt-out

TenMax preserves the right for audiences to avoid being tracked. We provide the function to “Opt-Out” of the cookie tracking behavior. Please follow the Cookie Opt-Out link for future instruction.


Contact Us

If you have any concerns or questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us by