Privacy Policy

When you start using the TenMax service, it means that you trust our handling of your personal information. We respect and protect your privacy and know that this responsibility is heavy, so we will do our best to protect your information.

This privacy policy is designed to help you understand the types of information TenMax collects, the reasons for collecting such information, how the information is used and to whom it is shared, and explains how you may update, manage and delete. 

This privacy policy applies to all partners or visitors who use TenMax Services (detailed below).

This privacy policy applies to TenMax Services, as well as TenMax official websites, domain-related websites, other domain customized off-site services, and services provided on third-party websites, such as advertising services. However, this privacy policy does not apply to services that have a separate privacy policy and have not incorporated this privacy policy.

This privacy policy does not apply to the following items:

1.Scope of this policy

1.1 Where the information processing mechanism are used by companies or organizations that create advertisement materials to TenMax;

1.2 Where the services provided by other companies or individuals, including third-party service or websites that may include TenMax Services.

2.TenMax service listing

TenMax Services are listed as follows:

2.1 PerforMax demand-side platform (Demand-Side Platform, DSP);

2.2 AsiaMax Ad Exchange Center (Ad Exchange Center, ADEX);

2.3 InfoMax data management platform (Data-Management Platform, DMP);

2.4 RevenueMax Supply Side Platform (Supply Side Platform, SSP);

2.5 AdNeon Ad service (Ad Server, ADS);

2.6 KianGi recommendation Engine (Recommendation Engine, RE);

2.7 TenMax Marketing Cloud App.

3.Information collected by TenMax

We collect information with the intention to provide better services to all users; this information may help us to analyze, such as Ads that are most useful to you or content that you may like. The type of information collected and how the information is utilized may depend on how you use TenMax Services and your privacy settings.

3.1 If you register to use TenMax Services, the information you provide to us

If you register to use the TenMax Services or sign a cooperation agreement with TenMax, you must provide personal information including but not limited to your name, email address and password.

When you register to use the TenMax Services and create a TenMax account, TenMax will ask you to provide personal information, including your name, password, and email address. We will treat the aforementioned information you provided to us as personal information.

3.2 If you are a visitor, the type of information we collect when you visit TenMax Services

We will collect information about the browser and device you use to access TenMax Services. The information we collect includes Audience ID, geographic location, browser type and settings, device type and settings, operating system, and mobile network information, including name of network carrier, phone number, and application and version information. In addition, we will also collect relevant information about your applications, browser and device that interacting with TenMax Services, including IP address, system activity, and date, time, and reference URL of your request.

We will collect such information when the TenMax Services on your device is connected to our server. Your device may occasionally provide TenMax with information, such as the type of your device and the name of your network carrier.

3.2.1 Cookies

We will use the audience identification codes linked to your browser or device to store the information we collect. TenMax Services uses cookies from the domain to identify partners and store website preferences. In addition, we also use cookies to display advertisements for generally anonymous visitors on our partners’ web pages. In cookies, we use audience identification codes to track visitor behavior, such as tracking visitors’ web browsing, purchases, and how long they stay on the page. TenMax will use this information to analyze the online behavior of visitors to improve the effectiveness of online advertising.

Since this audience identification codes are anonymous tracking codes, visitors who browse the website anonymously generally do not provide personal information. Therefore, we cannot associate such audience identification codes with any privacy information, such as email, mobile phone number, or residential address. In other words, we cannot know the true identity of this person through this audience identification codes.

Furthermore, our partners can track user behavior through the Tracking Codes of InfoMax and PerforMax. The Tracking Codes uses the cookies of the customer’s domain (or First-party Cookies).

3.2.2 Device Information

In addition to cookies, we also collect the following information: The website (URL) visited by the visitor; The visitor’s source address (IP Address); The brand, model and operating system of the visitor’s device; The browser type of the visitor’s device; The geographic location information of the visitor’s device (for example: indirectly through reverse GeoIP lookup); The telecommunication ISP information of the visitor’s device (for example, indirectly through reverse GeoIP lookup).

3.2.3 Your location information

We will collect your location information when you use the TenMax Services. We may determine your location based on the following items. The accuracy may vary depending on the situation: GPS; IP address; The sensor data on your device; Surrounding information related to your device, such as access points, base stations, and Bluetooth-enabled devices.

3.2.4 Your activities

We will collect information about your activities when you use TenMax Services in order to recommend videos you may like or to provide other similar features. The activity information we collect may include: The videos you watch; The number of views and interactions of the Ads; Transaction activities; Activities on third-party websites or applications that use TenMax Services.


In some cases, we may also collect information about you from trusted partners; these partners include publishers, marketing partners who provide us with customer information of potential customers for TenMax Services, and security protection partners who provide us with prevention of information abuse. In addition, we also accept information provided by advertisers where we may act on behalf advertisers to serve advertisement or provide research services.


We use a variety of technologies to collect and store information, including cookies, ad tags, local storage (such as browser network storage or application data cache), database and server logs.


In InfoMax, we provide CRM integration functions. Advertisers may upload their customer information (hereinafter referred to as CRM Data) including but not limited to ID, name, phone number, email address, offline behavior records, etc., through this function.


In TenMax Marketing Cloud App, we provide various marketing tools to advertisers for marketing purposes. Advertisers may use these tools to send personalized emails, messages, or via various messaging means. Advertisers may send such messages through personal emails, phones, etc. TenMax will assist forward the message to personal devices but will not keep any personal information.

4.Reasons why TenMax collects data

In order to achieve the following goals, we integrate the information collected from various TenMax Services and your devices and use a variety of different information processing technologies to process information collected. We use automated system analyses to provide you with personalized Ads or other features tailored to your usage. If we need to use your information for other purposes not specified in this privacy policy, we will seek your consent in advance.

4.1 Provide, maintain and improve TenMax Services

We will use your information to provide TenMax Services, and we will also use your information to ensure the TenMax Services work well.

4.2 Development of new services

We will use the information collected from existing TenMax Services to develop new services.

4.3 Personalized services, including content and Ads

We will use information collected to create a personalized service for you, including providing advices or personalized content. Depending on your settings, we may show you personalized Ads based on your interests.

4.3.1 We will not show you any personalized Ads relating to sensitive categories, such as race, religion, sexual orientation, or health status.

4.3.2 We will not share your personally identifiable information, such as your name or email, with advertisers, except when you actively request or with your prior consent to share it.

4.4 Performance Evaluation

We will analyze and evaluate the data to understand the usage of TenMax Services. For example, we will analyze your website visit data, and the results may be used to improve product design etc. In addition, we will also use related data when you interact with Ads to help advertisers evaluate advertising campaign performance.

4.5 Protect TenMax and users or visitors of TenMax Services

We will use relevant information to improve the security and stability of TenMax Services.

4.6 Provide TenMax customers with more information

In PerforMax and InfoMax, TenMax customers, through First-party Cookies, may understand the user’s traffic source, device type and geographic location, and may use the aforementioned information to analyze the user’s visit duration, visit events, behavioral events and transaction information (hereinafter referred to as User Information). User Information may help TenMax customers to improve Ads effectiveness, to allocate Ads budget, and to better marketing decisions.

4.7 Provide TenMax customers with more marketing means

In InfoMax, TenMax customers can upload CRM data to the InfoMax platform. CRM data may be used in traditional marketing programs, such as EDM, SMS, etc., and CRM data may also be imported into other advertising systems for online marketing.

5.Remove or delete your information

You may request to remove your information from TenMax Services in accordance with applicable laws. TenMax collects mainly anonymous visitor information, but you still retain the following rights:

5.1 Data deletion:

Visitors can clear the cookies of the device browser by themselves, and partners can contact us to delete the account-related information.

5.2 Change or correct information:

Partners may apply to edit their personal information through their account with TenMax Services. In some cases, especially when the information is incorrect, you may also ask us to change, update or correct your information.

5.3 Reject or restrict the use of information:

You may request us to stop using all or part of your personal data (for example: we do not have the legal right to use it continuously) or restrict our use (for example: if your personal data is incorrect or so obtained illegally).

6.The right to stop being tracked

Visitors have the right not to be tracked. If you want TenMax to stop tracking your behavior through cookies, please click the Opt-Out link for further settings.

7.Information Sharing

Other than meeting one of the following conditions, we shall not share your personal information with companies, institutions, or individuals other than TenMax.

7.1 For external data processing

We may provide personal information to TenMax affiliates and other companies or personnel trusted by TenMax for data processing. The processing must follow our instructions and must also comply with this privacy policy and any other appropriate confidentiality and security measures. For example, our customer service is provided by relevant service providers.

7.2 For legal compliance purpose

If we believe that it is reasonably necessary to access, use, retain, or disclose personal information for the following purposes, we will provide the personal information of TenMax partners to a third party other than TenMax:

7.2.1 Cooperate with any applicable laws, regulations, legal orders or request by competent government or authorities. We will provide information per requests made by governments to TenMax on information disclosures.

7.2.2 Investigate, prevent or process fraud, security or technical issues.

7.2.3 Detect, prevent or deal with fraud, or security or technical issues.

7.2.4 Provide protection to TenMax, and users or visitors of TenMax Services as permitted to applicable laws, to ensure not to damage their rights, property or safety.


We may disclose information that does not contained personal identifiable information or disclose such information to partners, such as publishers, advertisers, developers, or stakeholder. We also allow certain partners to use their own cookies or similar technologies to collect information from your browser or device for serving Ads and evaluating Ads performance.


If TenMax is involved in a merger, acquisition, or sale, we will continue to maintain the confidentiality of your personal information, and TenMax will notify the affected users before the transfer of personal information.

8.Commitment to information security

There are security measures in TenMax Services to safeguard your information. If we detect any security risk that requires your attention, we will issue a notification on TenMax’s official website. All personal information collected by the TenMax Services are stored in Microsoft Azure cloud storage, which complies with international information security standards, except for temporary files during the network transmission process. Furthermore, all network communications involving the transmission of personal information are conducted between the internal network and SSL VPN or through HTTPS network connections.

We are committed to providing you with proper protection that prevents unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or damage to the personal information we hold and information related to TenMax Services. The measures we have taken include:

8.1 Use encryption technology when transmitting your data to ensure the privacy of your information;

8.2 Check our information collection, storage and processing practices, including physical security measures, to prevent unauthorized access to our system of others;

8.3 We only allow TenMax employees, contractors, and agents to access necessary personal information for information processing, and all relevant personnel must abide by strict contract confidentiality obligations. If they fail to comply with their obligations, they will be punished or their contract will be terminated.

9.Legal compliance and cooperate with competent authorities

We will regularly review this privacy policy and ensure that your information is handled in the manner specified therein.

10.Data Transfer

Each country or region has different data protection laws, and the degree of protection may be different. Since the personal data collected by the TenMax Services are only for internal use and confined by the cloud service location, the original log files of the above data will only be stored in the data center in Singapore. We will adopt the protection measures specified in this policy and will comply to applicable legal frameworks related to data transfer, such as EU-US and Swiss-US Privacy Shield Frameworks.

Upon receiving a formal written complaint, we will contact the complainant in accordance with applicable law or contract. We will cooperate with the appropriate authorities, including local data protection authorities, to resolve any complaints related to your data transfer that may not be resolved directly by us.

11.The privacy of minors

We will not collect personal data of minors who are under thirteen (13) years old or otherwise specified in accordance with the local laws or regulations without the consent of the guardian. We recommend that the guardian should accompany the minor when minor use or access to TenMax Services all the time.

If you are a minor, please seek consent of your guardian. You can only provide information to us after we confirm that you have obtained the consent of your guardian. Your guardian may revoke any consent and request updates, access, deletion, etc. at any time.

12.Special or sensitive personal data

We will not ask you, and please do not provide special or sensitive personal information to us, such as your medical history, medical treatment, political preference, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, sexual life, criminal record or genetics.


13.Amendment and consultation of privacy policy

We may revise this privacy policy from time to time. If there are major changes, we will notify you through the TenMax Services or other means and you shall read the amendment before it becomes effective. The revised privacy policy will be published on the website. By continue using TenMax Services, you agree to the updated privacy policy. If you have any questions about your privacy on this website, please contact us at

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