Achieve Conversion at Every Customer Touchpoint with TenMax

TenMax is in control of every single customer touchpoint throughout the consumer journey, whether it be exposure to ads in the early phases, getting customers to enter the website in the second phase, or retargeting in the last phase to increase conversion. We are able to offer premium ad inventory, outcome-based ad formats, and support for user data analysis technologies with our robust digital advertising optimization platform.

The TenMax Advantage

Mainstream Exposure

TenMax partners with market-leading media platforms from all over the world and can achieve 1.5 billion exposures every single month.

Diverse Advertising Formats

We offer a ton of native, video, and exclusive innovative ad formats.

Optimization, Everywhere

Reaching the right audience at the right device, domain, placement, and time.

Targeting Optimization

Our exclusive optimization technology can piece together an accurate target audience profile by introducing various targeting technologies through content, audience preference, visited domains, and expanding to similar audiences.

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