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With a strong background in data analysis, we are able to offer a wide range of monetization strategies and earnings optimization channels to increase your website’s traffic and revenue.

TenMax Publisher Tool
Increase Web Traffic & Maximiaze Revenue

Increased Traffic

We offer contextual targeting technologies and content recommendation services so customers keep coming back and help propel your website to new heights.

More Revenue

We use data to paint a comprehensive picture of the user’s online behavior and select from our wide range of advertising formats to create revenue with precision targeting.

No Hidden Costs

Our website traffic management platform is easy and intuitive. Enjoy traffic and revenue growth with support from our professional consulting services.

Creative Ad Serving Platform

The Creative Ad Serving Platform developed by TenMax supports a wide range of ad formats including videos, videos & images, and other creative 3D formats that maximizes every single second of exposure.

Strengthen Brand Image

Choose from our 30+ exclusive ad formats

Captivating Ads

Average CTR effectively increased by 3X-5X

Easy to Use

Creating ads with TenMax is simple, intuitive, and incredibly fast

Global Advertising Standards

Complies with the Better Ads Standards to ensure exposure

Content Recommendation Tool

Kuadio is a content recommendation tool customized for publishers. The Kuadio algorithm is derived from a comprehensive understanding of reader preference through machine learning. The tool can attract readers to continue reading so as to drive traffic and revenue growth through increased page views.

Personalization Driven by Data

Kuadio learns about reading behavior and previous click action through content matching and semantics analysis. The tool will then recommend trending, latest, behavioral-related or content-related articles.

Smart Algorithms

Kuadio will employ machine learning to develop an optimized algorithm based on the types of articles that received the most views and clicks at different times to offer better recommendations.

Content Insight

Kuadio learns about clicks, exposure, and user browsing scenarios through content insight reports. This will help the tool have a better understanding of readers’ browsing preferences and therefore curate high-value content for the readers.

Stunning Performance

Achieve a 25% CTR for recommended content with Kuadio and earn 10% more from website traffic.

Video Recommendation Tool

Our Video Recommendation Tool employs the Kuadio content recommendation technology. It can recommend a new article every six seconds according to content that the user has previously consumed to grab onto the user’s attention and make your content more visible.

Best Placement

With Kuadio Video, you can insert recommended videos at the end of the article but still make it part of the content. Research into consumer behavior proves it to be the best placement for positive emotional response and consumer attention.

More Visitors

The carousel format can expose more articles at the same time. Personalized recommendations can also effectively increase the number of views on the average website by 22%.

Zero Production Costs

Kuadio Video is a one-stop service that converts text into video without any additional video production or server costs.

New Revenue Streams for Free

Kuadio Video offers in-stream ad functions so you can effortlessly create new revenue streams. You can increase ad revenue by 50% by using Kuadio Video.

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