TenMax Tech Applications

TenMax is partnered with over 500 media platforms in Asia with access to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-party data.

Tech Milestones

First in Taiwan to join the Interactive Advertising Bureau Technology Laboratory and help set standards for global digital advertising technologies

Integration with BID SWITCH / FreakOut

Official Partner to Oracle Corporation

Find High-Value Audience with TenMax Data Analysis Technologies

TenMax is linked to many different databases that cover a comprehensive portfolio of potential audiences. We use AI and analysis to pinpoint high-value audiences from a sea of consumer data and deliver a personalized advertising experience to make your ads more effective.

Comprehensive Data Set

We are linked to a broad range of first-, second-, and third-party databases and can offer useful information to help you identify and reach out to potential customers.

We offer 50 customized interest segments that can fulfill a wide range of industry demands.

We’ve integrated first-, second-, and third-party data on online and offline users from different marketing channels to track their behavior and paint a comprehensive user portfolio that will help achieve precision marketing in all channels.

We are connected to the Oracle, the world’s largest third-party data marketplace provider. Our capabilities in integrating information across multiple marketing channels allows us to take the information and gain invaluable market insight.

Smart Audience Targeting

TenMax processes over 1 Billion advertising requests each day. We are able to extract data from the sea of information to gain first-hand insight into consumer behavior. Our multi-objective analysis mechanism allows us to uncover high-value potential customers and increase clicks and conversion through effective segment marketing tactics.

Five Major Attributes in Demographic Targeting

Target a specific gender and age group

We can identify keywords that users are interested in with content crawlers and content matching technology

  • We can pinpoint the specific tags on sites that users visited across different devices and any clicks, browsing behavior or purchases made on different websites
  • We can identify the types of applications that users have installed on their phones

We can recognize how much time the user spends on their PCs, tablets, and mobiles as well as their browsing frequency on a single device

We can identify IP addresses and languages of the content the user is consuming to define where the user is located and their preferred language of choice

Target High-Value Unique Audiences

With the TenMax system you can introduce an additional condition to help you identify high-value audiences. This can help guarantee that your ads won’t be repeatedly shown to the same person.

We’ve introduced a multi-layer approach to processing our data to help you find high-potential audiences that are willing to engage, click, purchase, and browse.

TenMax data analysis system can automatically detect and filter our overlapping audiences from different media.

Smart Audience Recommendation

We analyze your core audience’s clicking behavior in terms of how they browse the internet and what inspires them to click on something. Then, with the TenMax Targeting Optimization technology, our systems will learn about the core audience’s behaviors and preferences to help identify consumers with similar characteristics and find new potential customers for you.

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