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We help brands and publishers activate and integrate their data across multiple channels with Oracle CX Marketing Suite.

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CX Marketing Suite Implementation Services


Eloqua LINE/SMS Extensions


Oracle CX Marketing Suite Implementation Services

Oracle CX Marketing is an integrated portfolio of digital marketing solutions that help B2B and B2C marketers deliver personalized experiences across various channels. Engage customers at every touchpoint in the consumer journey with Oracle CX Marketing for a better marketing campaign.
A member of the Oracle Partner Network (OPN), TenMax has first-hand experience with the market leader and its products. Contact us for professional consultations on how to get Oracle CX Marketing Suite for your company and let us help you through the difficult journey of digital transformation and data integration.

Exclusive Eloqua Extensions

Oracle Eloqua is a marketing automation tool that allows marketers to create targeted campaigns through emails and other channels. To better serve our customers, we’ve developed Eloqua extensions that extends the future of marketing automation to LINE and SMS Messages. Our customers can now integrate data from LINE, Emails, and SMS Messages and easily track customers through all phases of the consumer journey on one single platform.


2 ~ 4 Months
(Varies by project and demands)

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