Cross-Channel Marketing Automation

Eloqua LINE/SMS Extension

Eloqua empowers marketers, allowing them to piece together scattered user data across multiple channels without having to rely on engineering teams. Marketers can now segment audiences according to user behavior and customize relevant marketing content for each consumer to “send the right message to the right audience at the right time.”

TenMax Eloqua Service

TenMax has developed an Eloqua extension for LINE, the most popular messaging application in Taiwan. Our extension makes it possible for LINE Taiwan to link up with Eloqua and offer a full-channel marketing tool on both Emails and LINE. Our experience can help you achieve stunning performances in open rate and engagement rate.

TenMax has also developed an Eloqua extension for SMS Messages to help you reach more customers on different channels and increase SMS open rates and response. Send personalized SMS messages and track clicking behavior with shortened URLs.

TenMax LINE/SMS Extension

Personalized Marketing, But Scalable

Eloqua offers a centralized content editor that helps marketers save precious time and energy by not having to fine-tune content for each audience segment. The marketing automation tool can recognize what would interest the target audience based on how they previously interacted with relevant content and send personalized content in bulk.

Faster, Simpler, Better

Marketers can achieve a much higher engagement rate over LINE and SMS when compared to other marketing channels. With our own personal touch, linking Eloqua to LINE and SMS Messages, our customers can now explore optimized marketing automation with the existing Eloqua tool.

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SMS Open Rate
(20% for emails)
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SMS Response Rate
(6% for emails)
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LINE Response Time

Multi-Channel Integration

One-stop services for CRM, user online behavior, and engagement data. We are able to create a consistent message across LINE and Emails through an optimized process that also helps better manage marketing activities.


 We’ve developed technologies to link Eloqua with LINE so you can obtain LINE IDs through links or QR codes. This can help you compile a comprehensive consumer profile and further improve marketing automation capabilities.

Integrative technologies by TexMax can help link Eloqua with user’s telephone numbers and access previous user engagement (CTR & SMS Open Rate) recorded into the user’s device. User information and browsing habits captured through phone numbers can be synchronized with Eloqua ID.


Dynamic Content Field

Dynamic content fields allow you to fill in the recipient’s name in your personalized message. Research has shown that referring to your recipient by name can effectively increase engagement by 75%.

RFM Model

Uncover high-value audiences in different channel, content, and times through the RFM Model. You will be able to increase conversion, target different segments, and communicate more effectively.

Our tools simplify complex automation processes necessary for multi-channel marketing management by using a Decision Tree where you can simply drag-and-drop different nodes.

Eloqua automatic marketing tool automatically updates and integrates the data obtained from the marketing campaigns with the system database in real-time. It can be used to understand how different audiences interact with the message, define user value by analyzing the user footprint, and adjust the audience retargeting strategy based on the analysis.

Work Flow

(Roll-out in around 1 week)

Step 1

Install the TenMax LINE/SMS Application

Search for TenMax SMS or TenMax LINE at the Oracle Marketplace

Step 2

Provide Eloqua Account Information

Provide Elqoua ID and the company LINE ID

Provide Eloqua ID and company account information

Step 3

Cross-Platform Integration

Database integration can be completed within 1 day of receiving account information

2 working days for Providers already integrated by TenMax; and 10 working days for new Providers

Step 4

Real-time Technical Support

We offer post-sales technical support to all our customers with a guarantee to respond within 24 hours

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