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function stopcookie(){ document.cookie = "notracking=1;;Path=/"; document.cookie = "uid=1F1F1F1F-1F1F-1F1F-8080-808080808080;;Path=/"; window.location.href='/en/cookie-opt-out'; }; function startcookie(){ var d = new Date(); document.cookie = "notracking=0;;Path=/"; document.cookie = 'uid=; Path=/;expires='+d.toUTCString()+';;Path=/'; window.location.href='/en/cookie-opt-out'; }; function listCookies() { var theCookies = document.cookie.split(';'); try { document.getElementById("OptOut").innerHTML='Current Status of Tracking Cookie is Enabled. If you would like to stop tracking, please click the "Stop Tracking" button.

'; for(iloop=0;iloop