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Get the Most Out of Your Content

Kuadio displays the right content at the right time to the right readers, helping you keep your readers engaged for longer, increase retention rate, and introduce greater traffic into the website.

Quantity & Quality Guaranteed

Kuadio helps you monetize your content through seamless placements of native ads.

Kuadio Features

Responsive Web Design (RWD) Layouts

Kuadio offers classic layouts and recommendation sections on top of exclusive designs such as the carousel format and magazine style.

Monetizing Content

Kuadio has a variety of native ad placements within the content itself for a an immersive ad experience.

Article Categories

Track pages that readers previously visited to obtain keywords, identify the theme, and label the reader.

Four Article Categories: latest, trending, behavioral-related, and content-related articles.

Algorithm for Recommending Content

Kuadio can analyze reader engagement for the four different article categories during different times and on different devices to recommend articles that readers will most likely click on.

Kuadio Insight Learn About User Browsing Habits with Kuadio Insigth

Kuadio Insight can offer insight into browsing habits by compiling analysis reports on trending articles, the recommended section, and revenue. Let Kuadio Insight do the grunt work so you can focus on creating valuable content that will help your website grow.

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