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Generating videos with Kuadio Video is fast, easy, and free.
Kuadio Video creates and edits videos for you so you can focus on creating content!

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Use Kuadio Video to create videos

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How Kuadio Video Works

Kuadio Video employs Kuadio Content Recommendation Technology to help you learn about the user journey and make recommendations with video formats.


Know the Users

Contextual targeting technology that constructs a comprehensive consumer portfolio.


How Articles Get Recommended

Construct a mechanism for recommending latest, trending, behavioral-related or content-related articles.

Kuadio Video

Video Recommendations

Generate a video that displays new recommended articles every six seconds.

Kuadio Video Player Placement

Recommended Placement

You can choose to place the Kuadio Video Player at the end of the article but on top of the recommended section.  Research into consumer behavior proves it to be the best placement for optimal user attention. With recommended articles on rotation every six seconds, Kuadio Video can help make more content more visible.

Within the article
(At the end of the article and on top of the recommended section)

Other Placements

On the sidebar or affixed in the corner.

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