TenMax becomes the first digital advertising technology company in Taiwan to join IAB Tech Lab

Taiwanese Company To Take Part in Setting Global Advertising Technical Standards

TenMax AD Tech Lab announced that it will be joining the IAB Tech Lab, becoming the international body’s first member company from Taiwan. TenMax will be working alongside other global member companies in setting technology standards and developing new technical solutions for the digital advertising industry.

IAB Tech Lab is an independent global research and development consortium. furthering the overall growth of the digital advertising industry. The founding members include Google, LinkedIn, AppNexus, PubMatic, Yahoo Japan and others.  Apart from setting industry standards, IAB Tech Lab also provides standardized code libraries for companies to quickly develop products and services that meet the global standards. Different members form various workgroups in IAB Tech Lab, each responsible for setting the technical standards, developing best practices, and providing key technical solutions in their respective areas. The workgroups are divided into five major categories: advertising products, advertising technology, visual/audio advertising, mobile advertising, and programmatic advertising. Recently, the IAB Tech Lab has also started to provide training programs to assist in building a stronger ad tech workforce around the world.

“The IAB Tech Lab is excited to have TenMax join the organization to share its deep insights and experience in the Taiwanese market and beyond,” said Alanna Gombert, Senior Vice President, Technology and Ad Operations, IAB, and General Manager, IAB Tech Lab. “Perspectives from diverse markets are critical if we are going to create and maintain a digital marketing ecosystem that can successfully scale and thrive in today’s global economy.”

Nathan Chiu, CEO of TenMax, said, “We are proud of our talents and achievements made here at TenMax, and with our business expanding in Southeast Asia, we have a need to connect globally more than ever. By joining IAB Tech Lab, we can form a better collaboration relationship with excellent partners worldwide, and by directly joining the discussion to the setting of global standards, we can represent Taiwan in our contribution to the global advertising industry.”

About TenMax AD Tech Lab


As a subsidiary of funP Innovation Group, TenMax is the premier leader in RTB advertising technology in Taiwan, founded in 2014. With deep expertise in ad technology and devote to integrating digital advertising ecosystem, TenMax RTB solutions help our clients achieve their business goals and maximize their ROI.
TenMax also help publishers drive monetization by connecting them to premium advertisers and the RTB exchanges. TenMax is a team with entrepreneurship and creativity, and set the sight on global market.

About IAB Tech Lab


The IAB Technology Laboratory is an independent, international, nonprofit research and development consortium charged with producing and helping companies implement global industry technical standards. Comprised of digital publishers and ad technology firms, as well as marketers, agencies, and other companies with interests in the interactive marketing arena, the IAB Tech Lab’s goal is to reduce friction associated with the digital advertising and marketing supply chain, while contributing to the safe and secure growth of the industry. The organization’s founding member companies include AppNexus, Google, GroupM, Hearst Magazines Digital Media, LinkedIn, PubMatic, Sonobi, Tremor Video, Yahoo, and Yahoo! JAPAN. Established in 2014, the IAB Tech Lab is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

About TenMax

Established in 2015, TenMax Ad Tech Lab is a leading native and innovative ad network focusing on research, innovation, and development of digital advertising technologies. 

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